CHOOSE A PLAN provides you a comprehensive list of account types to make sure that you have an adequate amount of options to choose from. Each and every account is specifically tailor made to make sure that you are able to find an option that suits your particular trading needs.





Basic Account

The first account that has at its disposal is the basic account. As its name suggests, it offers you all the fundamental options. It will prove to be particularly handy for people who are just starting out in their trading journey. That being said, just because this is a basic account does not mean that it is subpar. As a matter of fact, it has most of the features present in other accounts too with the absence of a few.

It has a high quality education center that provides you everything that you need to know regarding your trading type and what you should do in order to succeed in it. You will also find 24 6 customer support service, which you can access at any time of the day whenever you are facing a problem. You will especially like the education center because of the vast range of content present on it. It will help you understand various aspects of trading even if you are just starting out. It will give you a better idea of what you need to do in order to help you determine whether or not you should pursue real time trading.

The basic account also provides you daily market reviews. This feature proves to be particularly handy for people who want to keep a close eye on the comings and goings of the online trading world. It will also help you make a well informed decision regarding whether or not you should pursue with a particular trade. These daily market reviews cover a vast range of topics associated with the online trading community, making sure that you have every bit of detail right at your fingertips. Look at every online trading expert out there and they will tell you why these reviews are so important.

If you thought that was all, think again. The basic account will also give you complete and undivided access to pro webinars. These webinars are quite handy to learn regarding your preferred form of trading and stay up to date with all the current happenings regarding it. Every top online trading platform offers this option and is no different than them.

Bronze Account

The bronze account is a slight upgrade of the previous account. It offers all the features present in the basic account with the addition of a few others. You should consider upgrading to the bronze account if you think that you are ready to take the next step in your online trading journey. In addition to all of the feature’s that basic account offers, this one provides you price alerts and account manager.  The price alerts come in particularly handy for people who want to stay updated regarding the price of various currencies or other things. Staying informed about these kinds of things can give you a serious upper hand in your online trading journey.

As far as the account manager goes, this is a convenient feature as well and allows you to organize your account just the way you want it. That being said, the account manager in the bronze account is only there for a month. Therefore,, if you want this feature for a longer period, it would be best to consider upgrading your account.

Silver Account has a silver account, which is a massive upgrade from its bronze option. Similar to the previous account, this one has all the features offered by the basic and bronze accounts with the addition of a couple of new ones. First off, its account manager lasts for up to 3 months which is a significant upgrade from the one month offered by the bronze account. Therefore, you will have precisely two extra months to make adjustments and make various other changes.

The silver account also offers you PIA trading signals for up to five times a day. This option is not present in the previous two account types and is an excellent addition to your online trading arsenal, providing you tons and tons of ease.

Gold Account

The only difference and upgrades that you will find between the silver account and the gold account is that its account manager and PIA trading signal tenure lasts for a longer period of time. The account manager lasts for up to six months, while the PIA trading signal will last for up to ten times per day, adding an extra layer of convenience in your online trading experience. If you think that you have enough skills and experience under your belt, it would be best to consider upgrading to a gold account.

Platinum Account

Unlike all the previous accounts that offers, this one is for the experienced VIP traders who have a sizeable amount of experience in the online trading world. It would be fair to say that the platinum account is for the people who have already made sizeable profits in the online trading world, and are looking to take things to the next step. First off, it has VIP price alerts instead of Junior. Its account manager lasts for up to 12 months while its PIA trading signals are unlimited. The new additions to this account are Personalized Trading Strategy and PIA SMS signals.

Black Account



The black account offered by is undoubtedly the best account that this website offers. It has everything that a pro trader could ask for. Besides all of the above mentioned features in the platinum account, the black account offers unlimited account manager along with one on one training and exclusive position access. Things like these are vital for online traders who want to go all-in with their online trading strategy in order to maximize their profits.