We at EZDSK.com are well aware of the fact that privacy important. Everybody takes their privacy seriously and does not want to leak their personal information. Hackers have become quite sophisticated these days and come up with various ways to get access of people’s information. We are well aware of this hazard and do everything possible to make sure that you are safe and free from this issue. More importantly, our developers are well versed with various tactics to make sure that this platform is free from prying eyes.

Therefore, all of you can rest easy knowing that this platform will protect any kind of information that you provide it. It does not matter which service you are going to opt for. At the end of the day, what matters most to EZDSK is that your information remains safe at all times. Moreover, we only use your information whenever we deem it necessary. Our primary purpose for collecting is to make sure that the person trying to join our platform is legitimate. We take online security very seriously which is why identifying everyone who joins this platform sis critical for us. We collect the info that you provide us and do not provide it to anyone else.

While we safeguard each and every piece of detail that you provide us, our team may access it in case it requires your information for something pertinent. As we were discussing earlier, there are plenty of moments where we need to identify some of our users. Occasions like these are when we access the information that you provide us in order to put it to good use. We also use it for advertisement purposes as we often come up with various deals and services to make things convenient for the online traders who have signed up with us. Therefore, if you get any ad suggested to you online, you can rest easy knowing that we used your information to ensure that we create personalized advertisements for you. It will come in handy for you in a variety of different ways.

Contrary to what it may seem, data collection is not as bad as it may seem. Of course, there are right ways and wrong ways to utilize collected data. With us however, you can rest easy knowing that we will only collect and use your data to enhance the services that we provide you. As discussed earlier, our team is always hard at work to come up with efforts for helping you in every way possible. EZDSK can collect and utilize the information that you provide at any given time it wants. We will not provide you any prior notice either. That being said, your data will only be used for security and marketing reasons. EZDSK knows fully well, the dangers of providing your data to third parties, especially when it is without your consent. Therefore, you do not need to worry about other parties getting their hands on your online information.

Our high profile programmers have made sure that all of the data available at EZDSK is encrypted. This means that anyone who lays their hands on your data will not be able to decipher it. Everything on this platform is highly encrypted, making sure that our users are able to trade with ultimate freedom and without any worries in their minds. It is what makes us stand out from any other online trading platform. What’s more, our data encryption is fool proof. Thousands of hackers have tried their luck at penetrating through it but none of them have been successful in this endeavor.

A lot of people seem to take issue with geo-tracking, and for a good reason, Geo-tracking essentially tracks the user’s IP address. However, as we have mentioned time and time again earlier, we will not use any of your information for negative reasons. Our team may Geo-track your location to determine its target market and offer some area specific services. Therefore, you can take a sigh of relief knowing that EZDSK goes as far as providing personalized services to people belonging to a variety of different locations.

We at EZDSK collect all of our user’s cookies. By joining our online trading platform, you essentially agree to cookie collection from EZDSK. Virtually every website that you will find on the internet collects cookies. Why? they do this to offer you relevant information regarding the services or content you like. Our cookies will help provide you pertinent content that you would find interesting. What’s more, we keep upgrading our cookies to make sure that every piece of content and information that you receive is relevant to your needs and allows you to make informed decisions regarding your trading endeavors.

Information leaks are quite common these days. They happen quite frequently with people who are not careful with their private data. More often than not these leaks occur because of a faulty internet provider or malware or virus inside your system. EZDSK will not be held responsible for such instances. We urge you to protect your data at all costs. Safeguard your personal and credit card information in particular as people could use them for identity theft. Make sure that your gadgets are virus free and that you do not share your password with anyone else.

We at EZDSK.com are very strict with our privacy policies, which is why we make revisions to it quite frequently. It would be best if you reviewed this policy frequently to check for updates or revisions. We expect you to abide by the changes exactly like they are mentioned on our privacy policy. Failure to do so  could result in unfavorable circumstances for your and we will hold the right to expel any user found guilty of not following our well-structured privacy policy. Furthermore, our updates are quite frequent and they become effective 10 days after we make the revisions on this form.