There is no better marketing than what’s done by a happy customer. We are glad to tell you that a major portion of the business earnings for us comprises people who have been referred by our existing traders. We are always thankful to every trader who has brought in more customers and highlighted us as a great partner in front of their friends. However, a better way to say thanks to our existing and referred customers is by rewarding them with something. That’s why we have created our “refer a friend” reward program.

If you have been with EZDSK for a long time, you already understand the features that we offer to our traders. You also fully understand the experience of being a trader on our trading platform. You know what we are good at and what cryptocurrency trading is like with us. If you have enjoyed your experience with us so far, we believe that we deserve to be recommended to your friends. If you think your friends can benefit from our services like you have, we encourage you to tell them about us and how they can benefit from cryptocurrency trading by signing up with us.

And when you do that, we are here to give you a great reward for your recommendation. For you to enjoy the perks of this program, your friend must sign up on our trading platform with a paid account. You benefit from the reward as soon as the trading starts from the account of your friend.

Your Earning Potential through Referrals

How the Program “Refer a Friend” Works

Please consider the steps stated below to successfully benefit from our “refer a friend” program.

  • Use the “Refer a Friend” form to register for the program. You can’t avail the program if you don’t have a trading account with EZDSK.
  • Send an invitation to your friend and ask them to sign up with us.
  • Ask them to specifically mention your email that you have used with us to sign up while filling out the form for them to sign up.
  • Your friend must make sure that all our forms are completed with accurate details. They also have to make sure that they follow all the terms and conditions we have stated properly.
  • For your friend to open an account and start trading with us, they have to make a minimum deposit of $500 in their account.
  • For you and them to get rewards, they must start trading on the platform.
  • To trade cryptocurrencies on our trading platform, your friend has to use either an e-wallet, a credit card, or a bank wire transfer to fund their account.
  • As soon as your friend enters trades and meets our terms and conditions, we will credit the reward amount in your accounts.
  • The money you get as a reward can be used for trading purposes. If you wish to get the money in your hands, you can do that too by withdrawing the money using one of the methods we have allowed for regular withdrawals i.e. e-wallet, bank wire transfer, and credit card.

There is nothing tough or difficult to do for you to sign up with our “refer a friend” program. You just have to fill out the form for the program and then you are good to go. Enjoy the rewards of the program and make sure you keep referring to us to other friends as well to keep enjoying the amazing rewards. Trade safely and wisely.