If you have even a little bit of experience in the crypto currency trading world, you will be well aware of the fact that most, if not all traders use forecasting strategies in order to make various trade related decisions. Forecasting helps them with a variety of different things, making sure that their decisions turn out to be in their favor. One method that quite a lot of people use widely is known as technical analysis. In case you are new to this method, you will most likely be thinking what it involves, the way it works and whether or not it has any kinds of limitations. Well, here at EZDSK.com , we will discuss all of these things making sure that you get a better understanding of how things like these work.

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For those who do not know, technical analysis is essentially a method that helps trader analyze various marketing activities of a particular asset in order to predict and determine the profitability and future behavior of a particular trade. This method is quite different from the various other methods that people tend to use as it helps to predict the price position of a particular asset according to its trading data of the past. By utilizing this excellent strategy, price charts, along with a variety of other indicators will be used to help you identify the various patterns that assist a trader when it comes to arriving at a conclusion – helping them to make well informed decisions with the money that they are using.

Indicators, patterns, chart lines, and most importantly, oscillators are among three of the most essential components that people tend to use when it comes to technical analysis. Traders tend to draw chart lines in order to find out the area or occasions where the prices will react. Patterns on the other hand are used for identifying massive patterns that predict where the prices will head in the future. As far as oscillators and indicators go, traders use these tools to sell, buy, and detect various signals. By using all of these components in a combination, traders are able to trace the overall pricing history of a particular crypto currency that they are trying to thoroughly analyze.

All in all, technical analysis tends to only pay attention to the crypto currency price being analyzed by the trader. They analyze the process by considering the entire market information that they get through the technical analysis. Also, with the help of price indicators and actions, you or anybody else for that matter will be able to predict the movements of crypto currency prices in the future, making sure that the decision you make works in your favor.



Some of you reading this might not be aware of this but there are a few assumptions that technical analysis is based on. Here are some of them:


Quite a lot of people believe that markets are responsible for discounting everything. They think that market prices are capable of influencing the supply and demand. Keeping this assumption aside, they also believe that an assets market price is capable of reflecting the entire economic elements of a certain period. With that said, technical analysis also disregards all of the data and factors associated with an asset’s price position. It only pays attention to the market value of a particular asset, which, if we go by the strategy, should be enough to predict the upcoming direction of a particular asset.


In case you are new to online crypto currency trading, you might be surprised to find out that technical analysis heavily revolves around the assumption that it is capable of taking the future movement of a particular asset in a particular direction after establishing a pattern. An asset’s price will more than likely not merely be random. Instead, it will most likely follow a market trend that is already established. It could either be a flat trend, a downward trend, or maybe even an upward trend.

Upward trends often occur when there are higher lows and higher highs in the prices. These are indicators of a bullish market. Downtrends on the other hand occur whenever the prices tend to have lower peaks. It demonstrates that the market is bearish. Lastly and most importantly, whenever there are investors who find themselves to be a bit confused and can’t seem to make up their minds, the trend happening at that time is mostly flat. In situations like these, neither the buyers or the sellers have control, what this results in is that prices start moving sideways while staying in a particular range.


Some of you might be surprised to find out that traders are used to repeating their behavior, especially from the past trades that they have conducted. Why? the main reasons behind this issue are market psychology as well as human factors. Believe it or not, most traders tend to trade with a particular mindset. Feelings like sadness, pride, anger, ego, and greed are often involved in their decisions. This often leads to a pattern or trend. Therefore, technical analysis tends to take aim at forecasting the crypto price movements of the future according to the patterns that most traders tend to portray.


Technical analysis involves the deep and detailed analysis of market performance of a particular asset. It does this by assessing various price actions through a history of patterns and a plethora of different charts. Furthermore, price movements also tend to shed a light on an asset’s particular economic overview. Therefore, all of the other factors that underlie that are responsible for impacting a market’s pricing are essentially disregarded. In the end, the only thing that matters is the price and not the reason why it is there in the first place. The changes, movements, and trading activities of the past happen to be the main indicators of an asset’s situation and the direction of its price.