People who are aware what Bitcoin is, may well be aware of Bitcoin Cash which too is a cryptocurrency with no physical existence at all and can be used for trading. In contrast to its counter-part Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash was invented with the sole purpose of allowing more transactions to take place at a time.

What transpired to invent Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was developed as a hard fork to Bitcoin in the year 2017 when it was felt necessary by the developers of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners for various reasons to bring Bitcoin Cash to life. The reason behind was that since the birth of Bitcoin, it was felt that the Bitcoin’s ability to scale effectively is an issue which needs to be taken care of. The Bitcoin transactions are verified, stored and processed through ledgers which are most commonly known as Blockchain.


According to the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamato, Bitcoin was developed as a peer-to-peer digital currency which could then be used for undertaking day-to-day transactions. However, when it was launched, it gained enormous popularity due to high rate of increase in its price when resulted it in becoming more of an investment vehicle rather than a currency. It was soon faced with the issues of scalability due to which the Blockchain was unable to conduct only a limited number of transactions while the transactions remained continue to grow. As a result, the Blockchain was over burdened with transactions, while many of them queued in waiting, and it was unintentionally jeopardizing the reputation of Bitcoin. With an average number of transactions per block in Bitcoin is 1000 however the Blockchain of Bitcoin Cash can easily undertake at least 25,000 transactions per block.


Although both, Bitcoin and Bitcoin, share much of similarities, however, while Bitcoin has an issue of scalability but on the other hand Bitcoin Cash is free from this issue and the transaction fee is much less than the Bitcoin which is much higher in Bitcoin. As is the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash too is a decentralized digital currency which is free from any control from the intermediaries such as banks and government authorities.


Despite of it being launch very recently in the year 2017, it has very soon made its mark in the digital currency industry and is being purchased and sold by many traders across the world. This is due to the trust of investors and traders which they have posed in Bitcoin and because Bitcoin Cash too has also been developed by those people who have invented Bitcoin, the level of trust and reliability was automatically attached with Bitcoin Cash.

If someone is willing to be a part of Bitcoin Trading then as a first step he needs to establish a wallet which is used for storing the cryptocurrency. One can find many wallets free of cost which are available online for providing the ease of trading to cryptocurrency owners.

Like other cryptocoins, the first step when trading Bitcoin cash is creating a wallet. With the wallet, you can safely participate in the Bitcoin economy. Most crypto wallets are free to. Anyone can download these wallets which are equipped with the qualities of providing storing funds by ensuring their safe keeping and security.

But be very very careful and cautious because there are many online websites who promises to give you wallets but in reality they are big time scammers who want to steal your money. It is therefore important for you to always look for only such wallets which are widely famous and at which people show their trust. There are multiple types of wallets and for the ease of reference, here are some of the most common types of wallets:


You first choice should be Desktop wallet because it is much safer and amazingly is kept within your personal use therefore this makes it a most reliable source of trading in Bitcoin Cash. Some of the most widely known desktop wallets include bitpay, bitcoin.com, exodus, and electron cash, to name a few.


Another very reliable source of depositing and using Bitcoin Cash for is Mobile wallet which is yet another very crucial option. Some of the most popular types of mobile wallets are Yenom, Bitcoin.com, Bitpay, edge, Coinbase, Strongcoin, and Coinwallet etc.


One can determine from the word “Hardware” that they are the most secured wallets. A trader who wishes to store Bitcoin Cash for a considerably long period, then Hardware Wallet should be his first choice. Some of the most adopted Hardware Wallets are Ledger, Coldlar, and Trezor.


If you want to enjoy the comfort of more security in terms of your asset/money, Paper Wallet is the best choice available with you. It is even much more safer than Hardware Wallet and can be used for storing funds for a long period of time as a gift to your family and friends. Most commonly used paper wallets are known to be bitcoin.com, wallet generator and cash address.

Once you are successful in storing your funds through the use of the above wallets, you can then start your trading. If you are owner of the Bitcoin Cash then the first step for you is to sign up for Bitcoin exchange and then pay the funds equivalent to buying price of Bitcoin Cash. The exchange automatically stores the Bitcoin Cash in your preferred wallet. The other known method of acquiring Bitcoin Cash is through doing a job which in turn can provide you with Bitcoin Cash. There are various jobs which one can do to acquire Bitcoin Cash and in pursuit of this endeavor, a person needs to first search out a job on the job board and see what options are there for you.


Like any other type of trading, cryptocurrency trading is also dependent upon your skills to do the trading through the trading platform of your choice and similarly the choice should be upto the standards because the objective is to make every trading a win trade. This is going to be the first and foremost challenging task for you to choose the trading platform which best suits your needs because although there are thousands of platforms available online but for beginners the task don’t come easy. The beginners will need to rely on their basic instincts and do a much of research in order to complete the task.

Keeping this in mind here are few of the features which will help you learn why it is better to trade Bitcoin Cash with EZDSK.


at EZDSK the transaction process is quite simple. They do not require the customers to go through the hectic and time taking process of filling out too many forms, enter into contracts with brokers and banks instead the process is so simple that it does not require any sort of paperwork. To start trading with EZDSK, all that you have to do is to register by singing up an account with EZDSK, open a wallet and then deposit your funds which you would want to invest in Bitcoin Cash Trading. After that a customer can convert his entire focus on the need of earning maximize profits.


the most common problem that is being faced by many beginners in the field of Bitcoin Cash trading is the threat of being scammed or encountering a fraud. There is no denying the fact that the online world is filled with people whose livelihood is dependent upon scamming and defrauding people. At EZDSK, they have been successful in ensuring their customers that their wallets are 100% secured because they give utmost priority to safety and security of their customers’ funds. Apart from that EZDSK have state of the art security system which is as per the latest technology through which the confidential data of the customers is kept secured.


at EZDSK a trader can enjoy the liberty of choosing multiple trading options through their platform and that too at the cost of much cheaper rates. The trading options available at EZDSK are unparalleled with any other trading platform through which an investor or a trader can be able to invest more.


at EZDSK a trader can enjoy the liberty of choosing multiple trading options through their platform and that too at the cost of much cheaper rates. The trading options available at EZDSK are unparalleled with any other trading platform through which an investor or a trader can be able to invest more.


There is no argument about that the prices of cryptocurrencies have been increasing significantly over the years since 2009. According to crypto enthusiasts and experts, they expect that the prices of Bitcoin Cash will be doubled in value in the coming years. Some say that the improvement is likely to be seen in the next year probably. Although the popularity and the potential involved in Bitcoin is presently unmatched in contrast with any other cryptocurrency, however, the good news for Bitcoin Cash trading is that when the right time will come, which will definitely come in the next year, they will be able to ecash their investment according to their wishes. So why not invest in Bitcoin Cash now?


Let us put both, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash head to head and see what are the most glaring differences between the two and which one is more better than the two. Without any doubt, as discussed above, both share many similarities amongst each other. Here are some of the differences between the two:


Although there is no denying the fact that crypto assets are profit earning assets but for beginners it could be very challenging. It requires a special mindset which is capable of understanding the concept of cryptocurrencies without any confusion otherwise many who tried to take part in this trading were left penniless. It is therefore of utmost importance that one should learn carefully the cryptocurrency, how it works and what is the most suitable cryptocurrency for you to start your trading. Today we have learnt that Bitcoin Cash is not less than Bitcoin and that the future of Bitcoin Cash is expected to be very bright. So for beginners it is better if they start their trading in Bitcoin Cash and what platform is better than EZDSK.