With the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, a new age of online moneymaking came into being. People were introduced to a new type of e-currency that only existed in the form of codes and programs that ran online. People who adapted to this new source of trade are constantly making huge profits through the exchange of these currencies. Since 2009, more than 1600 crypto-currencies have been launched and it’s now become a matter of survival for many low-end currencies as every currency is competing with each other to take the lead and get as many users as possible.

However, one particular crypto-currency, known as Ethereum has made its way to the 2nd spot, being second only to bitcoin and in many ways, it also surpasses bitcoin that we will be discussing in the latter part of this article.


In January 2014, a new crypto-currency was launched named Xcoin. To everyone’s surprise, after a few days of its launch, the name of Xcoin, was changed to Darkcoin. In the following year, the name, Darkcoin was also replaced with “Dash”, which was invented with the blend of digital cash. Since then, Dash has been accepted in the app stores and with its reputation as the number 19th crypto-currency, it is clear that traders are showing a great interest in dash trading. The demand and ranking of dash trading is growing every day, it is increasing in value quickly, so it is important to pay attention to the newly developed currency.

The main aim is to create such kind of currency to reduce the need for those who were completely dependent on banks for their money transactions. Instant transaction time makes Dash the preferred payment method.


Although, Ethereum was released to the entire world in 2015, its foundation was laid by its creator; Vitalik Buterin and proposed to the entire world in 2013 on a white piece of paper. As per Vitalik, what its predecessors were offering was crypto-currency solution and what they lacked was the freedom for their users to create their own cryptos and Dapps, allowing them to generate or exchange cryptos with other users. The idea gave an entirely different meaning to the crypto-currency world and has been attracting more and more investors almost every day.

Ideally, Ethereum has managed to pull what other cryptos; especially Bitcoin could not. It has taken the concept of blockchains that was previously limited to the crypto industry to the next level and has expanded to the point where other industries are able to benefit from it.


The backbone of Ethereum network is its blockchain that allows the users to sell, buy and trade transaction information without any fear of their sensitive transaction information being manipulated or changed by outsiders or hackers. On top of this, it also provides a platform to the developers to create new applications, products and services, and anyone who is affiliated with Ethereum can access these facilities without the interference and censorship from third parties.


Although the primary crypto-currency name for ethereum is “ether” but is commonly known in the crypto market as “ETH”. Ethereum (ETH) serves as a token that the users can utilize to pay for the services that they acquire on the Ethereum platform. The utilization of these tokens is spread across the Ethereum network and is the key player in Ethereum’s software framework.


As we already know, Ethereum (ETH) is the primary digital coin that is available on the Ethereum platform and because of its volatility and consumption, it is becoming one of the most popular, preferred and profitable asset to invest in the crypto market. Since its launch in 2015, Ethereum has only looked ahead and has brought in huge profits for its users/investors as its value keeps on growing by the day has been opening more opportunities for the investors in the trading market.

Ethereum is currently ranked at the 2nd spot with respect to its value and due to its unique program and mechanism, it is predicted to overtake bitcoin in the coming years that is currently considered to be the giant in the crypto trading market. In addition to this, Ethereum is considered as more financially reliable and stable than any other crypto platform and is gaining more fan following due to its exposure of real-life applications.

Ethereum trading refers to the process of buying or selling of the crypto-currency itself or buying or selling of the assets against the value of the crypto in order to acquire the tokens for the respective currency. You buyin Ethereum means that you are investing your money into a unique and fastest growing trading platform, which is slowly changing the way we process transactions and is set to take over the crypto trading world in the coming years.

In this process, the investors are required to invest money in order to buy Ethereum. Once the investors have bought Ether, they need to keep it store into their virtual wallets. This is where the waiting starts as the investors need to keep these coins in their wallets and wait for the price of the Ether to mature and grow higher. Once the set value or goal is achieved, it is up-to the investors’ discretion to either sell Ethereum right away or wait even more to make more profits.

Due to its longevity, this process is considered as long-term investment as well as costly because the investors have to spend a significant amount of money to buy Ether and then sell it off to earn profits.

This process is considered to be rather convenient investment maneuver for the investors and it tends to attract more people to the Ethereum platform as well. However, this process requires the investors to actively monitor the change in the price of ethereum against their real world currency’s value and react right away in order to earn profits without making any purchases for ether.

This type of ethereum trade is mainly focused in the short-term volatility of ethereum against real-time currencies and is considered to be a trade safer than any other as the investors are neither required to buy ethereum nor they have to go through the hassle of storing and maintaining their virtual wallets. Due to his short-term process, it is considered to be the most convenient type of investment.


Even though Bitcoin currently ranks as the top valued crypto in the market, but Ethereum seems to be winning the race because:


After the worldwide recognition of crypto-currency as one of the most profitable trades available in the trading markets, the entire world seems to be reaching out to get their hands on such a high profitable trade. Recognizing the market demand for crypto trading, many trading experts, firms and brokerages have started advertising their services, rewards and benefits in order to get more and more investors under their flag.

As a result, most of the trading brokerages have totally lost interest in guiding their investors but are only focusing on getting money out of their investors’ pockets. However, EZDSK is the brokerage that focuses mainly on grooming their investors and empowering them so they themselves have the confidence and the skills required to make decisions in order to make fortunes.

So if you wish to become a part of EZDSK and start trading in Ethereum, you will need to:

  • First, open an account with EZDSK, so you can start trading in crypto-currency (Ethereum).
  • When creating an account with EZDSK, you will be offered with a variety of investment accounts to choose from based on your trading experience. If you are a beginner then it is suggestible to opt in for the basic account offered by EZDSK. In order to go for the basic account, you will have to make a minimum deposit of $250, before you can begin your first trade. Once you have gained enough experience and have gathered enough confidence to go to the next level, you can choose more advanced account types by making higher deposits and make more profits.
  • Once the deposit has been made, you can then use this deposited amount to invest in Ethereum and earn profits.
  • You will have to keep up with the crypto trends and keep an eye on the volatility of ethereum in order to make the right investment decisions.
  • You can also choose to opt for either long-term or short-term investment plans and make profits based on the trades that you make.


Listed below are few of many reasons why beginner or veteran level trades should choose to trade with EZDSK:


While most of the brokerages focus mainly on getting their investors to make deposits, EZDSK not only makes it convenient for their investors to start trading with low budget accounts but also focuses in grooming their investors by keeping them up-to-date with the latest crypto trends.

Furthermore, EZDSK also has their expert investors create videos and e-books where they share their experience and insights of the trading world with aims to have their investors gain as much knowledge from these programs as possible.


EZDSK understands how important it is for the investors to have hands-on experience and complete command over the interface, in order for them to be able to fully utilize the available features and make the perfect decisions. Keeping this idea in mind, EZDSK has developed their system in a way that it can be used by investors on both mobile and desktop devices. The trading platform is easy-to-use and can be operated with only a few clicks or taps through your devices.

In addition to this, the traders have the choice of trading with Fiat currencies that are USD, EUR and AUD. This makes it quite easy for the investors to exchange Fiat currencies and crypto-currencies.


Similar to any other organization, brokerages also need to provide their investors with the all the support they can use and what can be the best support than another human being who is always available to guide you in the best possible way. EZDSK offers the same service to their investors and in order to achieve this, they have put together a team of highly skilled and experts who are well equipped with the skills to provide you with timely assistance in the best possible manner and escalate your queries to the relevant teams if it’s out of their scope.


One of the major requirements and defensive protocols for any firm is the safety and interest of their and their client’s assets. In order to ensure this, EZDSK has equipped its system with the industry-standard security protocols, making it almost impossible for the imposters or hackers to interfere and steal any of the EZDSK’s or their clients’ sensitive information.


It may seem that Ethereum trading is only a profitable trade but it is not always the case as it can turn out bitter if you end up making the wrong decisions. However, this can only happen if you are not motivated enough to keep yourself up-to-date with the daily trends in the crypto trading market. If you are not interested to put in the required effort then it will eventually turn out to be a bad investment. Hence, if you do think that you are capable enough then you can count on EZDSK as you can expect hundred percent cooperation from EZDSK at any given time.