Online trading has given anyone who has a computer the ability to invest in finance. Online trading is, simply put, trading performed on the internet. Traders and investors buy and sell financial instruments via a web-based trading platform offered by a broker or a brokerage. It has become more and more accessible and it is introducing new techniques every day to secure the assets of online traders. Online traders are disposed to invest their assets with online trading mediums. Crypto currency is a digital asset, which has designed as a medium of exchange and used to conduct the financial transaction.

Dash refers to be the unit of crypto currency, which has the same features as Bitcoin and Litecoin. With a few additional features like instant transaction, decentralized governance system and, enhanced private transaction. This is the reason why Dash is current ranked 19th in the list of top 20 crypto-currencies.


Considered to be the most popular digital payment network, Ripple was designed and developed to regulate the flow of cheap and real-time financial transactions. Ripple has also developed its own decentralized crypto-currency, which is known as XRP. A currency being decentralized means that there is no individual authority headquartered at a particular place that regulates the transaction flow but combinations of independent systems/computers that are spread randomly across the globe. Similar to other currencies, XRP tokens act as a medium currency for the execution of transactions.

Ripple was released to the internet market back in 2012 and the company behind its development and release was Ripple Labs Incorporated. It was developed with the idea of market capitalization, acting as a distributed open source protocol. Ripple XRP consists of tokens that represent flat currency, commodities, cryto-currency or other units. The main reason behind this approach is to facilitate its users/clients with the most secure, swift and almost free global financial transactions up-to any amount and without any chargebacks. Ripple XRP is currently ranked as the 3rd most valued crypto-currency in the market, behind only Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The basic reason, which led to the formation of Ripple was to overcome some extremely concerning monetary consequences that people had to face in the form of fees and processing days whenever they wanted to make currency exchanges. Due to this, many investors and traders had started to lose their interest and faith in online markets, which was eventually going to lead to a major economic disaster. Thus, the existence of Ripple XRP was brought into being which would serve as an open-source protocol and peer-to-peer decentralized channel. This enabled investors/traders to transfer money in any currency with very low fees as well as bringing the processing time of these exchanges from days or hours to a few seconds.

Furthermore, Ripple Labs Inc. has developed and adapted to an advanced technology in order to create one of the most reliable and secure liquidity solutions such as xRapid, xCurrent & xVia that have the ability to be integrated into the classical banking systems. This advancement has earned Ripple a worldwide recognition among many reputable financial institutions as well as e-commerce solutions like Cambridge, SEB, BBVA and Global Payments etc. and as a result, these organizations have chosen Ripple payment network to process such transactions in a the easiest and most prompt manner.


Ripple trading means the transferring of payments, exchanging of one currency with another and buying/selling of XRP tokens in order to earn profits. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike Bitcoin, Ripple cannot be mined online, thus, the only way of getting your hands on the ripple tokens is to buy them from a reliable crypto-currency source, similar to any currency such as USD, EUR, GBP etc.


While most of the trading brokerages focus on establishing their trading platforms on Windows/MacBooks, EZDSK aims to provide their investors with the most optimal trading experience. This is the reason EZDSK is constantly in the process of investing in the most advance technology, allowing them to provide their investors with a mobile-based trading platform that is compatible with all devices and is fully functional without any glitches or bugs to hinder your way. This allows the investors to trade from wherever and whenever they want without the need of any fixed system.


For any organization to operate in a risk free environment is to have extremely high standard security protocols in place that are monitored and managed 24x7. EZDSK has the same approach when it comes to security and safety of the hard-earned money of their investors. In order to keep the sensitive data and the flow of transactions secure, EZDSK has put in place a highly advance security system in order to making their operations risk-free and have also implemented SSL encryption technology to make it impossible for hackers to gain access to any of the information.


If you are trading with EZDSK, then rest assured as we will not impose any hidden charges or put any extra charges on top of the third party set fees. One of the major turnoff for the investors in this trade is the high amount deposits or investments they are required to make in order to open an account or purchase an asset. EZDSK has also made sure that this concept is put to rest by providing their investors with very reasonable investment plans and initial deposit requirements.


With EZDSK, you have the ability of trading on the most popular assets and brands in the crypto-currency world, anytime you want anywhere you want. One of the most unique and prominent features is option to trade through any mobile phone device, which makes it very convenient for the investors to trade with a few taps on their touch screens.


EZDSK is dedicated into providing their investors with the most high-end tools and tailor-made solutions. By using these tools and solutions, the investors can maximize the chances of earning profits in the crypto trading markets. Furthermore, these tools are equipped with providing visibility over the historical data as well as predictive data that can ensure success even for the novice investors.


Since its launch in 2012, Ripple has only demonstrated an upward trend and significant growth with respect to its value in the market. This is the reason why Ripple XRP is currently ranked third among the long list of crypto-currencies. In 2017, Ripple coins saw a 40 percent increase in their worth and still today, their value constantly seems to grow higher. As a result, Ripple has earned itself high popularity in the online trades and business community and is attracting online investors and organizations, but also international banks.

Ripple’s price prediction

Similar to other currencies, the price of Ripple coins is subject to the frequency of releasing new coins. As of now, around a 100 billion ripple coins have been introduced and made available in the trading market, where Ripple Labs Inc. has around 61 billion ripple coins under its belt. Considering the fact that Ripple is constantly in the process of making new alliances and partnerships with global brands with very high reputation, the experts in the crypto business are predicting a significant rise in the value of ripple coins. If these predictions materialize in the coming days, the people owning ripple coins will see the XRP token price go up-to $15-$20.


Even though Bitcoin is currently at the top of the crypto chain when it comes to value, however, Ripple wins the competition when we start comparing them with respect to the below:


If you are planning to set foot into the ripple trading or any crypto-currency trade, it is advised to first to make a plan as to how you are going to manage your account and your investments. If you even a fragment of money but you wait for the right time to buy, sell & exchange currencies, you can end up making loads of money through hefty profits and it can also result in the opposite way that you may end up losing your big investments because you made the wrong choices while making trades. Always keep yourself open to opinions from expert traders in the respective markets and take their advice until you can hold your own in the trading business.