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While you or anyone else for that matter is using any of the services that this site provides, you will also be subject to a variety of other terms and conditions, statements, as well as notices that explicitly imply or state in this or any other document of this website about revisions and amendments. These changes can be made and become applicable at the discretion of and you must abide by them when you use this platform.

Also, by making use of this online crypto currency website and the various services is offers, you agree that our are the user and you explicitly provide your consent to’s terms and conditions just like they are mentioned in this particularly detailed document.


This website’s information and content will in no manner or form be available for use of financial and trading advice. Any decisions that is made on this platform is made individually and will have no hand in any of the advice or information that people follow, particularly when it comes to online trading. Furthermore, the information that we do provide is quite generic. We provide it without putting too much thought regarding your particular situation or investment objectives. The team at also does not consider returns requirement, risk appetite and a variety of other investment and trading scenarios and needs.

Therefore, we actively tell everyone to understand their information’s particular scope and its unique applicability to the particular investment situations and objectives that you are faced with. Furthermore, we ask everyone using our online crypto currency trading platform to go through the information that we provide and see whether or not it is suitable for a particular investment strategy that you may have in mind. We also request you to assess all of your actions and see whether or not you will be able to implement them successfully and if they will help you turn a profit.

Go through each and every of your strategy and see if it will be feasible for your unique situation and only then follow through with it. Once again, we at EZDSK will not be responsible if your plan does not come to fruition as we are only there to provide you a suitable platform to help you trade and invest in a variety of different crypto currencies with the greatest of ease.

Also, it would be best to keep in mind that the information that we do provide to everybody on this website should not be thought of as a recommendation for investing in any particular investment, trading service, or any other financial product. No employee, affiliate, or member of this site or the parent company has been legally allowed to provide anyone any recommendation or advice. Until and unless you have signed and written confirmation that mentions the opposite, this clause will be applicable to the entire information offered through this website and the information and the details that we offer to you.

All of you reading this agree and accept that you are fully aware of any financial risk associated with online trading. Furthermore, these risks can arise at any time and can often catch you off guard. Most of these problems often arise whenever trading and investment opportunities are taking place. More importantly, you irrevocably and unconditionally indemnify EZDS against any of the damage claims or complaints filed regarding such risks and losses.

Furthermore, you also accept and acknowledge the fact that we will not be held accountable for the type and quality of content, service, or any other kind of item on this website. This also includes anything on our high profile affiliate network, which we do not own directly. Therefore, we have little to no control over it.


This website and all of its affiliates, employees, and owners will not be liable for any of the financial losses that the users on this platform incur due to the usage, distribution, sharing, downloading, copying, and modification of this website. Just as mentioned earlier, everything present on this platform is generic information and does not consider the particular situation of the crypto currency trader.

The visitors or users of the EZDSK website cannot hold its affiliates or owners responsible for damages and claims whether they are punishable, incidental, direct, or even indirect that they incur because of any action as mentioned earlier. Any loss like this could include but will not be limited to loss of sales, loss of data, profit loss, loss of revenue, intangible or tangible asset loss. Furthermore, we will neither be responsible for any deliberate or incidental loss either. Therefore, nether this entire website and nor any of its affiliates or owners will be held liable for any of these issues.

Regardless of the extent and type of loss that you have to incur, at no manner and point can this website, its affiliates and its owners be held responsible for any kind of losses that its users have to face. Therefore, whenever you come to use this website, you wholeheartedly acknowledge that you will be using all of its services and information according to your free will. In addition, you also agree to the fact that you will be solely and completely responsible for your data’s backup and overall security.

Hence, you also indemnify against any loss of productivity, profit, capital, staff hours, and a variety of other issues that could arise and neither will our services and information be held responsible for any potential trouble that you end up facing.  You also agree that you will not be holding this website, its affiliates and its owners legally liable in any kind of sense of claims or actions connected to this service or website’s use.

If for any kind of reason, you do not come to accept these conditions and terms, in whole or in part, or if you tend to have any current or past claims or disputes against this website, its affiliates, owners, and employees, regarding the terms and conditions that we govern – we at EZDSK strongly implore you to stop using the services that this website provides from here on out.


During the course of EZDSKs business, this website provides a variety of different offers and could offer various forms of information, services, promotions, products, an recommendations that other corporate/commercial entities, individuals, and websites offer. We refer to these entities as third parties or third party.

  • We at do not have any kind of control over the information, recommendations, promotions, products, or services that we or any third party offers you. Therefore, we will not be held liable for the applicability accuracy, timeliness, or the quality of content of the services, offerings, information or goods offered by any of such third parties.


  • Your use of the products, recommendations, information, services, and any other offering provided by third party corporate entities, agencies, or websites will completely be at your discretion and be agreed upon with the conditions and terms of use that the particular third party sets forth.


Keeping all of these things in mind, you will not hold us, our members, employees, and site responsible against any claim that arises from the damages and losses that are caused by using such promotions, products, services, information, and date from these offerings by various third parties. In addition, the scope of any of these kinds of losses could include, but will not be limited to the increase of expenses, loss of assets, or loss of profits associated with the information, services, and products offered by the third party.


With reference to any market information and data including the comparisons and analysis offered or provided by this website or its affiliates or any of the third parties present on this site. Here are some important things that you and every other user of this website must keep in mind at all times.

  • You will not hold us liable for any kind of incidental or other type of loss by the presence of market data present on our website.
  • Any of the investment actions or decisions that you make on the basis of the date or information that you find on our online platform will completely be on your sole discretion and we will not be held responsible for any of it.
  • As mentioned time and time again, will not be held liable for any type of loss that you have to incur for the decision or action that you take on our online platform.
  • The entities that provide such kind of data, along with us do not provide any kind of guarantee whatsoever relating to the completeness or the accuracy of the data that you receive.
  • Any data that you come across will only be provided to you for the purposes of information. Therefore, it is not meant to be used or replaced as a financial advice in any way shape or form.

That being said, we at do have the complete proprietary rights on any kind of data that is available on its platform. IN addition, information like this could also be owned by a third party provider. Therefore, no user has the permission to make modifications, disclose, display, retransmit, transmit, publish, redistribute, distribute, or publish any kind of data or information belonging to us or the third party unless they are required to do saw legally by the law.


Whenever you trade or invest in any financial product of your choosing, you do so while having the unambiguous and complete understanding or the fact that we at do not offer any kind of guarantee regarding your investment return rates. We also do not provide our users with any guarantee regarding the loss or profit from their investments or trade. Therefore, whatever decision you do end up making will be entirely your responsibility and not the responsibility of anyone working or employed at EZDSK. Any kind of financial trading and investment will be subject to various factors and risks associated with the market. Therefore, we will not be held liable if someone ends up facing a massive loss during their crypto currency investing or trading venture.

While investing and trading through the services that this website and  all of its affiliates offer, you wholeheartedly accept any withdrawal delay or capital repayment issue that you might end up facing. Things like these happen time and time again especially when it comes to the matter of online crypto currency trading. While we do everything possible that our service is swift and quick, there are some occasions where things are beyond our control. In cases like these, we expect your full and undivided cooperation. Furthermore, you will indemnify us from any problem that takes place because of delays in repayments and returns.


All kind of assets and intellectual properties published and displayed on this website, which also includes, information, copyrighted content, logos, and trademarks are completely owned either by us or this website’ affiliates. In some cases, third parties could also be the owners of these things. Whatever the case may be, the copyright and trademark assets include but will not limited to term, data, name and information. Furthermore, a symbol could or could not be used for depicting the ownership of a particular information, term, data, or name. In all likelihood, the symbol will be there to act as the identification mark or logo wherever the copyright is being held. That said, if such a symbol is not there, do not assume that it does not have any ownership. Any intellectual that third parties tend to own will be regularly published on the website after we take their permission and agree mutually.

However, using of this information or data on the site does not mean that we have any kind of affiliation or endorsement with these third parties, the services or products they provide, or even the services that they tend to offer.

Also, despite publishing the information, products, and services of a variety of third parties, we do not in any way shape or form make representations or recommendations regarding the financial risks and advisability of any of their products.


It is essential that you follow all of the “know your customer” policies that we have mentioned down below, especially when you plan to open and maintain your account with EZDSK. Therefore, we will require the following pieces of information to make sure that you fulfill all of our policies:

  • First of all, we will need proof of your address. You can provide this in the form of your utility bills. However, you must make sure that these bills are not too old. They could be in the form of telephone statements and credit and bank cards as well.
  • You will also need us to give an identification proof. This can be provided in the form of government issued personal identification card or your passport. We will also accept your driver’s license as long as it is not expired

You will be required to sign all of the copies of your KYC documents prior to emailing and uploading them. Also, keep in mind that whenever you plant to email the paperwork to use, make sure that you send it from the email ID that you registered with.


By making use of this site and taking advantage of its services and the contents that it provides, you will need to abide by its anti-money laundering policies at all times. We have provided a well thought out policy, making sure that the people who use it are safe from illegal activities. If you or anyone else fails to abide by the rules that we provide you, EZDSK could take strict legal action that could end up putting you in some trouble. We may even heavily penalize you for not following the rules and regulations that we have set up for your ease and convenience.

Furthermore, you also provide us the unchallengeable and complete freedom of making changes whenever we deem them necessary. Our team will be free to make changes and adjustments whenever it feels it necessary. Also, it would be best to refer to our terms and conditions at least twice a month in order to make sure that you are not violating them. We at EZDSK update and revise our regulations quite frequently, which is why we urge all of our users to stay up to date with them in order to ensure that they are following them completely.

By following the anti-money laundering regulations that we have set, you agree to use the correct mode of payment to submit or withdraw your money. Also, it is important to keep in mind that all of the withdrawals and refunds that we have to offer will be made strictly to the particular credit card that you used for making the initial deposit. We also have the authority and right to make any kind of payment below or above the initial deposit.


In case you did not know, we at implement modern security measures to make sure that the information and data that you provide is completely safe from foul play. This also includes using a variety of industry accepted techniques and methods for protecting all of your personal information from any kind of alteration, destruction, misuse, loss, or damage due to unauthorized and illegal access. We have procedural, electronic, and physical measures to make sure that all of your information is completely safeguarded and does not go into the wrong hands. It is also worth noting that we hold all of your personal information until and unless it is absolutely necessary to provide them to law enforcement authorities for legal cases.

Although we do our best to make sure that all of the data that your provide to us is completely safe from the wrong hands, the fact of the matter is that almost every security measure, whether it is electronic or physical, is not bullet proof. Hacking is becoming more and more sophisticated these days and people seem to be coming up with a variety of ways through which they are able to access heavily protected information. Because of this, we will not be held accountable for any kind of loss that you might have to face. Once again, data breaches are quite common and could also potentially lead to some damages of the financial nature and illegal data disclosure.


Whenever you visit or use our website and the services that it provides to you. You essentially provide us the full and legal right for collecting, processing , and storing all of your personal information. We do this in order to do some maintenance work on your account and also to operate your account optimally.

You also provide us full authorization to make use of this information for improving our services for sending promotional and informational content through the email address that you provided us. also reserves the complete power to share all of the information with entities and parties that directly contribute towards your trade’s execution, your order’s management, your payment processing, withdrawal requests, and account management.

That being said, you will be well within your rights to go through and access all of the personal information that you provided us. We also allow users to make modifications to their provided information whenever they deem it necessary. What’s more, you also have the freedom to unsubscribe from the mailing list whenever you want to.

You are expected to abide by all of the rules that we at govern. Failing to do so could result in termination and other action depending on the severity of the misconduct.