While EZDSK does offer returns and refunds, there are several policies that we have in place in order to make sure that the entire process is free from faults and most importantly, handled in the right way. If you happen to be someone who is curious about the process, we have mentioned it in great detail down below, making sure that you are able to follow them and become aware of when or how you will be able to receive your return or refund. Also, it would be best if you noted that it could take around a week or ten days in order to complete a wire refund. Therefore, we at EZDSK.com urge you to be patient while we process your particular request.


If you happen to be someone who is looking to withdraw his or her funds from your account at EZDSK.com, you will need to submit a proper request for withdrawal with the help of your profile page. Also, it would be best to keep in mind that, if you want to receive a particular withdrawal type, you will have to select an option that we provide. You will see that there is a fine list of these options. In addition, you will also have to fill some extra bit of information in some cases.


After you have chosen the right withdrawal, our online system will place your request in the status. It will stay there while the processing takes place. Also, once you complete submitting your request for withdrawal, the particular funds that you asked for will be cut from the EZDSK account.

As soon as your withdrawal request completes, we will mark it as processed. Therefore, your funds will then be there for you to withdraw by using the system of payment that you asked for.


Whichever method of payment that you end up using, it will stay the same whenever you want to withdraw your money. There will be some instances where your EZDSK will offer you some suggestions regarding your system that you can use in its place if your wish to do so. However, it would be best to keep in mind that if a scenario like this does end up taking place, the conditions that you particularly outlined when becoming a client of EZDSK should match the info that your provided on your request for withdrawal.


Once you end up submitting your request for withdrawal, it is important that you give us authentic information. For instance, if you tell us that you use your bank card for withdrawing your cash then we will always accept your requests for withdrawal whenever you use the same bank card. Moreover, we will prioritize your request more than any other request but only if you utilize the bank card that you informed about earlier.

Also, if you are an E Wallet user, you can use it directly for withdrawing your money from the trading account that we have at EZDSK.