For the safety of your information and identity online, you will have to make sure to provide some pieces of information and documents when making a withdrawal from your trading account with EZDSK. Here is what the withdrawal procedure will look like.

You have to make sure to deposit all the important documents. These documents are even more important if you are making your first withdrawal with EZDSK.

  • You will have to provide a scanned copy or high quality picture of your ID card. It can be any ID that is used in your country for identification purposes and is recognized by the government e.g. identity card, passport, driver’s license.
  • You will have to provide proof that you are residing in the address that you have provided on our website. For that purpose, you will have to take a high quality picture or scanned copy of the utility bill of your house that must not be older than 3 months.
  • If you are using a credit card for making deposits or withdrawals, you will have to provide proof that you own that card. You can find detailed information about how to take the pictures of your card in relevant sections of our website.

You will have to provide accurate information in the withdrawal form that you will be provided by us. You will also have to provide accurate details on the customer form. Be sure to be as precise with your information as possible.

Since we accept deposits from you through credit cards and wire transfers, you will have to use these same methods to withdraw your money as well. Why do you have to do that? You can read the details of that in our anti-money laundering policy. Just keep in mind that EZDSK has all these regulations in place only for your security.

If you are looking to withdraw money on your credit card, you will have to provide the last four digits of the card correctly as well as your name as it appears on that card for which you have provided the digits.

If you are consider getting the money back through wire transfer, you have to make sure that the name you provide us with is exactly how it appears on your bank statement. Also provide us with the SWIFT code or BIC number along with the physical location of your bank and its name. You will also have to provide your bank account number for us to transfer money into your account. However, if you are located in a different country from ours, you will have to provide us with IBAN.

At this stage, we make sure that all the information you have provided is correct and coincides with our policies and regulations. You might have to wait for at least 5-15 working days for the processing and verification to complete. Keep your patience because we are doing that only for your safety. Once all the information has been verified, you will see the money transferred into your account. Do keep in mind the nature of withdrawals i.e. they are never immediate.

Note: Please keep your bank account information intact during the time of transfer. Changing the information on your bank account while the withdrawal is in progress can affect the process and its duration.